A well-balanced diet

Food is a powerful tool to keep your anxiety at bay. Making changes to your nutrition so that your diet is healthy and balanced can make a significant difference to your wellbeing. There are two steps involved: 1) reducing your intake of foodstuffs that might trigger anxiety and 2) introducing healthier options to create the right balanced diet that will help nourish your mind and body.

Avoid anxiety-making foods

When your blood sugar levels surge, when your gut health is poor, when you drink too much coffee and cola, anxiety levels can go through the roof. Take care to reduce your consumption of these common foodstuffs as part of achieving a balanced diet.

For further information, check out this helpful guide on mood food


High in cholesterol and saturated fat


A stimulant that can increase irritability 

Refined carbs

Converts into sugars and increases risk of obesity

Red meat

Linked to heart disease and inflammation


Drinking excessively can affect your mood


A cause of hyperactivity and irritability

Junk food

Full of salt, sugar and saturated fats


Raises blood sugar levels and leads to weight gain


Drives up your blood pressure

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