Get a check up

If you're diabetic, overweight or suffering from a health condition, perhaps with high blood pressure, consult your doctor before starting vigorous exercise.


Pick a time and stick to it

Pick a convenient time and stick to it. Exercising at a regular time in the morning or evening can become habitual and effortless to do. 


Keep it varied and fun

Get creative with your workouts. Don't let it get boring. Add new moves. Play some music. Take it outside into the park or garden.


Keep your workouts short

15 or 20 minutes of exercise will uplift your mood. You don't need to go for long intensive workouts. Remember doing something every day is always better than waiting to do something at the weekend.


Set achievable goals

Set some small goals to achieve to make you feel good. A series of small progressive goals is better than a scary giant one.


Play some great music

Create a playlist to get you going. The right music can help your workout by increasing your stamina and endurance, making the workout seem easy.


Always do a warm up and cool down

A warm up prepares the muscles for the intensity of your workout. A cool down at the end of your workout gives your circulatory system and muscles a chance to readjust.


Stay hydrated

When you exercise you sweat a lot. All this water needs to be replaced to keep your mind and body healthy. Carry a water bottle and keep sipping during intervals.