Little room

How much space do you need to exercise? The truth is you don't need very much space at all to stay fit. The size of a yoga mat will do. So the good news is that with a bit of creative thinking you can get a big work out in small space. Here are 5 exercises for your lower body and bum to try out just using the floor and wall.

A wall squat or wall sit is great for your legs, back, abs and glutei as they all stay tensed up whilst you press yourself at 90 degrees against the wall. See if you can do 5 reps for 30 seconds each.

A curtsy lunge is great for toning your inner thighs and bum. With your hands on your hip do a curtsy with your right leg crossing behind your left (repeat on the other side). As you bend your knees and lower your hips you'll feel your thigh muscles at work.

Tuck jumps are also good for your lower body too. Stand with your feet apart, squat down and then jump in the air tucking your knees up as you go. Swing your arms up if it helps. This is a real calorie burner.

A frog jump is a variation of this. Here you start from a standing position, squat down keeping your hands out front, pause and then explode upwards, throwing your hands into the air.

A single leg deadlift is good for the hips, core and legs. From a standing position shift your weight to the right leg which should be straight with a slightly bent knee. Send your left leg swinging back in a straight line, while tipping your torso forward in a smooth movement. Then back up.