These are anxious times

It's hard not to feel anxious during a global pandemic. After all, who wants to get sick or lose their job? A long lockdown, social distancing and isolation are all taking their toll on people's mental health. According to the latest research by the UK Office of National Statistics, these feelings have doubled over the last few months with as many as 1 in 5 people saying they felt depressed. Younger adults and women were most likely to be affected by feelings of depression, as well as those in stressful key worker roles.

With no end in sight to the uncertainty, it's time to protect your health. If you're feeling down and anxious, don't live with it, take action. Contact your doctor and perhaps a health charity to discuss your feelings.

For many, regular exercise and a healthy diet can play a beneficial role. This is where Anxiety KO kicks in. Here you will find workouts, exercises, recipes, dietary tips, challenges and lots of ideas to try out. Take a look and take control of your wellbeing.

Take the fight to anxiety and deal it a knock-out blow.

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